Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Whew... too much has been happening to recap. Kitty is in good spirits. I have been pretty involved with D#5. It's incredible how good something can truly be, even when you're not really trying. But it is. Kitty and D#5... mmm... !!! I know... I know... settle down Kitty. But when something is this good... you just wish there could be more!!! ;-)

D1 is good. She and I are planning a weekend away, somewhere. Not sure where we want to go. Someplace close to Pittsburgh, maybe within a couple hour drive. Any suggestions? She is working on having a *friend* go, and I have been working on taking D#5 along. Wow... how hot that will be if we can do it. Meowww... ;-)

D2 is busy busy busy with her bf, R. He moved in with her which really surprised the heck outta D1 and me. She's been very independent for so long and not only does she have R living with her, but his two daughters who spend the weekends with them at her place. She was NEVER one for children of any age, let alone have two thrusted upon her. She seems to be coping and adapting better than we thought she would. Life is good for D2 and I am so happy for her. She deserves much happiness and peace in her life.

Things are pretty quiet in Pittsburgh. Changing of the seasons, finally. I just could not take one more day of the hazy, hot, humid weather we had to suffer through this Summer. Thank goodness, its over. I always loved Fall. The leaves are only just beginning to turn their beautiful colors. Maybe D1, her friend, D#5 and I can go on a trip somewhere up north where the leaves are changing and really enjoy all the colors.

My kids are good. Busy with school and their activities. I wish I could do more for them. Money is really tight right now. But I try to do my best to make sure they have what they need. Life can really suck sometimes though. You always want your kids to have more than you had and for them to be able to experience what you were not able to.

Oh, here is a romantic story for you... my sister K, who is 6 years older than me, recently became involved with her high school sweetheart and first true love... after 30 years.... yes 30 years. So I believe even more so now that it can and will happen to me too. She had been searching for P, not knowing that he had been searching for her too. She's had quite a life and had been living in several different places throughout the years. But luck would have it that P's son happened to find K's name and address on the internet and... voila... the two were reconnected just in time for their 30th high school reunion. P, who lives in Maryland right now, is leaving to move up to Pittsburgh to be with K and my neice and should be here by year's end. K is so thrilled and excited. I haven't seen her like this in years. It is good for her. She's really had a hard life being a single parent. The only problem with this perfect picture is that P suffers from lymphoma (sp?) cancer. He has been in remission for some time but does have spells every now and then and, of course, is on lots of medicine. She is trying to be strong for him because no one knows how much longer he may have. He was diagnosed over 2 years ago, so maybe there is hope. He, on the other, had given up and had convinced himself he did not want to go on... but then... he and K were reunited and everyday they thank God for bringing them back together again. I think this is just so romantic. I do hope that they can live *happily ever after*. I believe...