Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Whew... too much has been happening to recap. Kitty is in good spirits. I have been pretty involved with D#5. It's incredible how good something can truly be, even when you're not really trying. But it is. Kitty and D#5... mmm... !!! I know... I know... settle down Kitty. But when something is this good... you just wish there could be more!!! ;-)

D1 is good. She and I are planning a weekend away, somewhere. Not sure where we want to go. Someplace close to Pittsburgh, maybe within a couple hour drive. Any suggestions? She is working on having a *friend* go, and I have been working on taking D#5 along. Wow... how hot that will be if we can do it. Meowww... ;-)

D2 is busy busy busy with her bf, R. He moved in with her which really surprised the heck outta D1 and me. She's been very independent for so long and not only does she have R living with her, but his two daughters who spend the weekends with them at her place. She was NEVER one for children of any age, let alone have two thrusted upon her. She seems to be coping and adapting better than we thought she would. Life is good for D2 and I am so happy for her. She deserves much happiness and peace in her life.

Things are pretty quiet in Pittsburgh. Changing of the seasons, finally. I just could not take one more day of the hazy, hot, humid weather we had to suffer through this Summer. Thank goodness, its over. I always loved Fall. The leaves are only just beginning to turn their beautiful colors. Maybe D1, her friend, D#5 and I can go on a trip somewhere up north where the leaves are changing and really enjoy all the colors.

My kids are good. Busy with school and their activities. I wish I could do more for them. Money is really tight right now. But I try to do my best to make sure they have what they need. Life can really suck sometimes though. You always want your kids to have more than you had and for them to be able to experience what you were not able to.

Oh, here is a romantic story for you... my sister K, who is 6 years older than me, recently became involved with her high school sweetheart and first true love... after 30 years.... yes 30 years. So I believe even more so now that it can and will happen to me too. She had been searching for P, not knowing that he had been searching for her too. She's had quite a life and had been living in several different places throughout the years. But luck would have it that P's son happened to find K's name and address on the internet and... voila... the two were reconnected just in time for their 30th high school reunion. P, who lives in Maryland right now, is leaving to move up to Pittsburgh to be with K and my neice and should be here by year's end. K is so thrilled and excited. I haven't seen her like this in years. It is good for her. She's really had a hard life being a single parent. The only problem with this perfect picture is that P suffers from lymphoma (sp?) cancer. He has been in remission for some time but does have spells every now and then and, of course, is on lots of medicine. She is trying to be strong for him because no one knows how much longer he may have. He was diagnosed over 2 years ago, so maybe there is hope. He, on the other, had given up and had convinced himself he did not want to go on... but then... he and K were reunited and everyday they thank God for bringing them back together again. I think this is just so romantic. I do hope that they can live *happily ever after*. I believe...

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Only one message today... GOD BLESS AMERICA! The tragedy of 9-11-01 will forever remain in my mind but the sorrow for all the victims and their families will forever remain in my heart!

Thursday, September 05, 2002

I know, it's been a long while, too long, since I blogged. I guess I'm just into *other things* right now.

Things have been getting hot and heavy with D!!! Woohoo for Kitty!!! He actually was able to FINALLY give Kitty what I had been waiting for and it was nice... very niiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!! ;-) As much as I would really like to go gaa gaa over D, I have been holding back all my feelings and emotions. I want him to be the first to speak his mind about what he is feeling. Its physical... only physical. Remember that Kitty. :-( As for the other *hm*, hot tub man is just another chapter in the book of my trials and tribulations. Oh well. At least I have a nice memory of that one night in the hot tub. I had lunch with another *hm* last Friday. It was an ok lunch till we went for a ride afterwards and found ourselves in his car parked in a lot under a local bridge... making out like there was no tomorrow. It was rather exciting and a bit erotic because we could see that there were a couple guys watching from nearby. Oh the art of exhibitionism!!! Ha ha! Anyhoo, I'm still waiting to hear back from him. He seemed like he would be a lot of fun and enjoys doing the same things I like to do! ;-)

I haven't seen much of D1 or D2. D1 is having some problems at home with her husband's company going bankrupt and his losing his job and on top of that her oldest son is getting married next month, so she has a lot on her plate right now. I've just been a good trusting caring friend for her which is what she needs more than anything.

As for D2, well she has had a lot happen in her life. Her steady boyfriend decided it was time that he move in with her. So he did and it has really changed her. She feels that she cannot go out and party with me and D1 like she did because he is there now and he makes comments when she goes out and he is at home. This really frightens me because she doesn't need to have this kind of obsessive and possessive relationship in her life. He needs to understand that she is going out with us to have fun. He is afraid that she is going out to look for another guy or worse, that other guys will approach her. He does have a very serious trusting/jealousy issue he needs to deal with. Its not fair to her!!!

Well, other than that the kids are back to school. I have a new babysitter for Lara. She seems nice and very responsible. Lara likes going to her house. I think this situation will work out nicely. Thank goodness. Finding trusting babysitters is so hard now a days.

Ok, nothing else new to report for now. Of course, I will keep the almighty blog updated on the *hm* front and the exciting albeit adventureous and dangerous life that Kitty leads!!! Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

WOW... time got away from Kitty. It's been a month since I *blogged*. Bad bad Kitty. So, what has been happening... the usual... shuffling the hootchie men around. I haven't seen much of D the chef. He did ask if I wanted a ride into work tomorrow. We know what that means!!! ;-) Lets see what other *hm* there are now... R is new. I think we may do lunch one day this week and we may have a date lined up for Saturday (depending on how lunch goes). Oh, I had so much fun with J, another new one. He has a hot tub. Woohoo... Kitty loves hot tubs. I am hoping that maybe we can have some more fun in the tub this Friday.

I just got back from a long weekend in Williamsburg/Busch Gardens Virginia (with an hour long visit to Virginia Beach). The kids were brats, totally, never stopped fighting for a minute. Not even to take a breath. Celebrated Lara's 2nd birthday down there. She didn't have a clue what was going on or where she was. She was cute and adorable, as always. I am so blessed with her!!! :-)

Thats about it for Kitty. Just looking for fun and trouble. Kitty needs to purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Friday, July 19, 2002

Bad bad Kitty. Must remember the *blog*! Must must must! :-)

Well, I do have some good news. #5 is BACK! Yep! See, even he can't stay away from the *Kitty*!!! ;-) He asked if he could drive me into work on Tuesday. Of course, Kitty says YES! No word about the *dear kitty* email he sent saying that we shouldn't see each other anymore. Oh well, I certainly wasn't going to ask about it. After meeting me at the junction we went back to his house for some early morning delight!!! Absolutely yummy it was!!! ;-) It was a great start to my morning. On the way into work, he asked if I would like to come over to his house tonight and cuddle on the couch while watching my favorite movie... Dr. Zhivago. It sounded to good to be true. Here was a guy, who happens to be very nice (and CAN COOK) and he offers to sit and watch a four hour dramatic love story with me. Pinch me, please!!! ;-) I am sure though, that there will be plenty of playing with the *kitty* while watching the movie. ;-)

I've lost count of hootchie men, so in the interest of clarification and simplification, I'll use initials. #5 is D. There is someone new... T. We spent last Saturday night together. We had a nice dinner at a place called the Anchor Inn and then went back to his place where he introduced me to my very first foreign film... A Beautiful Life. It was very good. Sad ending, I thought. It took a while to get the hang of reading the subtitles at the bottom while watching that scenes, but once I got used to it, I was able to follow along. It helped that T had seen the movie before and was able to fill me in as we watched. After the movie, we got all snuggly and cuddly and really enjoyed each other! ;-) There is a definite strong physical attraction between the Kitty and T. He has a GREAT TALENT for something that Kitty thoroughly enjoys and can never get enough of! ;-)

Its been hot as hell in Pittsburgh. The temp has been in the 90s for two weeks and the humidity is 100%. I can see the electric bill now... the air conditioner has been running non-stop trying to keep the kittens cool and comfortable. Is there any relief in sight??? Please!!!

Kitty has a special thought for today:

Friendship is the best training for love! :-)

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Well, well, well... I did not forget the *blog*. It's just been a crazy few days. First, my lunch with #7 last Wednesday... was delicious (in every sense of the word)! We had excellent chinese and then some dessert. ;-) He is way gaa gaa on me. We are meeting for lunch again tomorrow and then to the Rusted Root concert on Friday night. Fun fun fun!!! ;-)

My 4th of July was pretty much uneventful. I did take the kids to see the local fireworks which were quite spectacular, well, as spectacular as fireworks can be. Even little Lara was ooing and aahing. I spent four hours on Friday (day off from the salt mines) at the pool. The sun was pretty intense. I got a bit of a burn which faded quite nicely into my already glowing *tanning bed* tan. I didn't have any hootchie man lined up for Friday night (although I later read an email from h.m. #9 that he wanted to get together) so I ended up meeting D1 at our regular Friday night watering hole (the Rochester Inn). It was a short night. We had something to eat, a couple drinks and were on our way at 11 p.m. That's way early for the Kitty. But it was nice catching up with D1 and all her tales.

I got up way way early on Saturday morning and met (at 6:30 a.m.) hootchie man prospect #8 at the local park. It was a rather nice morning, crisp and even a little cool. The awful humidity that we had been having the past few days was finally gone. We chatted for a few minutes and then decided to sit in the car and listen to the radio while we chatted some more. It didn't take long before, well you know. ;-) Yummy!!! ;-) How exciting and even a bit dangerous it was. Out in the open where anyone could see. We've been talking since Saturday and are planning another secret rendezvous. ;-)

Sunday was such a lazy day. I didn't have the motivation to wake up. I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep, sleep, sleep.

And now, here I am back at work... it's Tuesday. I have plans already for this weekend. Meeting #7 for the concert on Friday night, a possible quick rendezvous with #9 at the park on Saturday morning, and then meeting a new prospective h.m. (# 10) for dinner and a movie on Saturday night. Go Kitty... go Kitty... go Kitty... ;-)

Just a thought to someone not so special anymore... if you only knew, if you only knew!!!

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Well, it's HUMP day... or Friday for me. Woohoo! Not much excitement planned for the holiday weekend. I'll take the kids to see the fireworks. Our local community manages to put on an impressive display every year.

Whats new on the hootchie man front... well, I am going to lunch with #7 today. He is picking me up and we are planning on going over to Station Square for a nice quiet yummy lunch. ;-) #7 seems to be a very nice guy. He even offered to take me shopping at Victoria Secret and told me I'd have $100 to spend any way I'd like. WOW! A woman can go nuts in V.S. with $100!!! We are also planning on attending a concert with Rusted Root (a local band who done good) next week.

I have a rendezvous planned for Saturday morning (6:30 a.m. ~ what was I thinking?) with #8. We are meeting at the park close to my house for a walk. If the humidity is anywhere near the point it has been yesterday morning and this morning, I think I will just suggest we sit in the cozy air conditioned car and have chat some. ;-)

I am lining up another prospective h m for Friday night. Hmmm... what to do, what to do! An active Kitty is a Happy Kitty!!!